Welcome to horseboxregs.co.uk

Are you a horse owner daunted by the news that VOSA will be prosecuting those who break the law? Yet the legislation they require you to obey is so confusing.

www.horseboxregs.co.uk has been set up to help worried horse owners who fear that just by pursuing their profession or hobby they could be unwittingly breaking the law and face prosecution.

For example, are you 100% certain of the answers to all of these questions?

  • Do the driving hours regulations affect me?
  • Can I drive a 7.5 tonne vehicle?
  • What am I allowed to tow?
  • Do I need an operator’s licence?
  • What weight can I carry on my vehicle?
  • Does my towing vehicle meet legal requirements?
  • Is my vehicle roadworthy?

We answer these questions thoroughly on our Support page and you can help us offer more comprehensive support by completing our survey. This will allow us to offer even more information for horse owners so please take the time to answer our questions.

Why we set up horseboxregs.co.uk

Sadie Lynes and Paul Jacobs decided to launch horseboxregs.co.uk after seeing the alarm and confusion created by the news that VOSA were enforcing the legislation that dramatically impacts on horse owners and those involved in their transport.

The legislation is confusing and difficult to navigate. After talking to a number of professional and amateur riders, it became clear that help was needed which is why Sadie and Paul set up www.horseboxregs.co.uk, read more about them here