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Paul Jacobs is The Transport Manager who works closely to keep keen amateur horsewoman Sadie Lynes’ vehicles road legal, together with a growing number of Olympic and professional horse owners.

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2008 Olympic Eventer Sam Albert, from Woolton Hill, Berkshire, has already benefited from’s help.She explained:
“When I saw the editorial in the Horse & Hound, my first thought was how can I find out what impact this will have on me? What will I need to do, to make my lorry road legal – it was just another thing to worry about.

“Paul made the information easily available, concise and with great back up knowledge that enabled me to focus on the riding. He is also keeping me up to date with all new legislation. is keeping me on the right side of the law and that is terrific peace of mind, especially knowing that VOSA will prosecute owners regardless of whether they are professionals or amateurs, if they are not running their vehicles within the law.”